5 of the Top Best Flowering Trees

Monday, July 24, 2017 | Regina Downes | Comments (0)

We are very lucky to have some of the most spectacular best flowering trees in the world. From Frangipanis to Poncianas we can grow them all here in the Top End. If you are looking for that 'spectacular' tree for your home check out our Top 5 best flowering trees here in the Top End.

1) Red Flame Tree /Royal Ponciana      (Delonix regia)

You don't notice this larger than life tree until it bursts into flower all across the top end, this usually happens towards the end of the year. Its fire red flower display will stop you in your tracks. Its can easily grow to 10m-20m and has a very large crown.This tree is suitable for large backyards and rural blocks. It produces long seed pods. Note-This tree is not native to the NT it comes from Madagascar, it self seeds and and can become invasive.


2) Panama Flame tree/Rose of Venezuela     (Brownea macrophylla)

Growing over 10m this stunning tree produces the biggest brightest flowers you can imagine. Huge bright Orange flowers (Over 15cm wide!)) borne on the trees stems. Habit is dropping, neat tree and a true tropical which thrives in the high humidity. Suit medium to large backyard or rural block.


(Below Delonix Regia)                                                                                (Below Brownea macrophylla)






3) Golden rain tree/Golden shower tree (Cassia fistula)

This beauty of a tree produces beautiful hanging clusters of bright yellow flowers. Very eye catching. Grows usually to 8m, it is native to Asia. Is suitable for small to medium backyards as it doesn't grow very big. As this tree is not a native tree it can become a weed in some areas.



4) Yellow Flame tree/Yellow Ponciana  (
Peltophorum pterocarpum)
Native to our Top End, this bright yellow flowering tree is spectacular when in full bloom. It's grown mainly for its amazing canopy, its canopy creates instant shade even as a young tree. Planted all across Darwin and Palmerston street verges to keep pedestrians cool. This tree can grow to 15m easily, its fast growing and produces brown seed pods. Flowers usually towards the end of the year.

(Below Cassia Fistula)                                                                            (Below Peltophorum pterocarpum) 



5) Crepe myrtle

Lagerstroemia include a range of both tree and shrub types

Lagerstroemia indica are shrubs they come in a wide range of flower colours and are ideal in pots, containers or in the ground. Make sure the shrub gets full sun all day. They produce sprays of various different flower colours and are spectacular when in flower. Usually grows to 1-1.5m tall.

Largerstromiea speciosa are trees (also known as pride of india)
Stunning tree can grows to 12m easily. Looks fantastic when in flower. Suitable for all back yards and rural blocks.

                                                                       (Below Lagerstromeia speciosa)

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