August-What you should be doing in your Top End garden this month

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There's always something to do in the garden, whether its pruning, weeding or planting, so we have put together a few important tasks this August to help you to stay on top of those must do jobs before the wet sets in.

What to do in the Garden in August

  • Does your garden bed need a new layer of mulch, is last year’s mulch already decomposed? If so this may be your last chance to top it up before the humidity to starts creep up again. 
  • Rake up and remove any excessive leave litter around your garden beds, leaving these here can harbour pests and disease growth. 
  • Tidy up and remove/prune any dead wood from your shrubs or small trees. 
  • Check your irrigation for leaks & ensure all plants are getting irrigated (Remember water/irrigate early morning and or late afternoon-never in the middle of the day as your plants will burn) 
  • Clean your pond-Remove any sludge and excessive algae. Rocks and stones may need to be removed and have any algae washed or scrubbed off- Do a visible check around the pond for any damages to the pond lining which may become potential leaks.-Repair if necessary.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Stay on top of your weed control.This will stop weeds spreading into your lawn and around your garden beds Try and remove any weeds before they set seed and spread around your garden


  • Plant any big trees now, so they will be well established before the wet sets in
  • Stake any newly planted trees, leave stakes in place until the tree is well established and anchored
  • Feed your citrus trees now-Use a fertilizer that has trace elements as you want to promote Flower growth which will in turn produce fruit! (Don’t feed your citrus plants if they are flowering as this may result in lots of leaf growth but no fruit) Use dynamic lifter, slow release citrus feed or similar.
  • Palm Trees; keep on top of your weekly palm frond trips to the Tip! as a build-up of palm fronds is a home for snakes and a host for fungal diseases (once the wet is here your palms won’t drop as many leaves as it does now in the dry season)
  • Time to give your palm trees a routine inspection-check for any signs of Ganoderma disease growth; this includes sighting fungal mushroom growth around the base of the palm, tops of palms dying back, entire palm trunks dropping and falling over.
  • (Check out our fact sheet more symptoms on Ganoderma disease)
  • If you notice the Ganoderma disease in your palms, it's time to start planning for the future, you will need new trees planted to replace these palms. Check out our tree range for some inspiration or feel free to give us a ring or email and we can help you with a few tree suggestions.
  • (Wait until next month before you do any hard pruning to your trees)
  • Start making plans to get any shrubs planted in the garden before the wet sets in
  • Give your Desert Rose plants a check-up- look for any signs of mealy bugs, aphids and ants- treat with pest oil-REPEAT spray 7-10 after original treatment (once you get rid of the mealybugs the ants will leave)
  • Tidy up your Crinums-remove all the outer dead foliage
  • Alocasia species- remove any pups from the parent plant and repot into new pots (pups should come away easily by hand from the parent plant)
  • Continue to remove any dead foliage from ginger plants including Calathea Lutea
  • Prune your hedging plants; Murrayas, Radermacheras, Durantas and Allamandas
  • Prune back your Hibiscus plants between now and the end of September

Next month is a big month for pruning large shrubs and trees, so be prepared to replant any cuttings you do. (This can mean making additional space free in your garden for the cuttings or having some pots full of potting mix ready to stick your cuttings in.

In The Veggie Patch

  • As we move into August there is less and less of a range of herbs and veggies we can plant, as the humidity will start to increase next month and most leaf veggies and herbs will not survive.
  • Cut back and tidy up any herbs and veggies that are starting to die back and suffer the effects of the increasing hot days-make a plan to plant new plants in their location as most won’t withstand our build up and will leave empty spaces in and around your garden.
  • What we can start planting now;
  • Rosella, Basil, beans, lemongrass, sweet potato, Chilli and ginger
  • Make sure you use our veggie guide Calendar on what to plant now as you are wasting your money buying herbs and veggies that will not survive through the build up and wet season. (Even tho you will see big ranges of herbs and veggies for sale in the shops don't be fooled into buying the wrong plants this time of the year.
  • Veggie and Herb growing Calendar for Darwin and Katherine regions

Tip-Keep your passion fruit plant well mulched around the base of the stem as they tend to dry out easily.




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