The Dry season, is it worth the wait?

Wednesday, April 05, 2017 | Regina Downes | Comments (0)

It doesn't matter if your Australian, Greek, English, Asian or even Irish, a block layer, a hairdresser or even a baker! If you live in the Northern Territory we all have one thing in common, we all look forward to the dry season. Together we have all sweated through the build up and the wet season, now finally the dry is here, I can taste it, I can feel it in the air. The dry season is a welcome sight after enduring the build up and wet season, In which I bought so much 3B cream I must have shares in the stuff! The heat rashes, the moods and the never ending blues, over how hot it must be, before we can turn on the air con are most definitely grounds for divorce when living in the Top End!

When people come to live in Darwin during the wet season and your vision and promise of a cool dry season and cocktails by the bar on lazy afternoons, is what keeps them going through the sweaty build up and wet season. I remember arriving in Darwin ten dry seasons ago and being told what the "build up" was like, it absolutely terrified me! As I work outside I was most certainly not looking forward to it, so much so I remember contemplating to leave after the dry season and going to WA. Needless to say that never happened..

Is it worth suffering through the build up and the wet season to finally enjoy the dry season? I think so! especially in the garden! As soon as the dry arrives we all run out into the garden, making sure it survived the wet season and knock  em down winds.  If you were keen enough to have worked through your garden all wet season (Thumbs up to you!) then I am sure the rewards are there but if you have left your garden go and hid in the aircon all wet season then I don't blame you, but it's time to get moving in the garden and bring it back to life so you can enjoy those lazy afternoon cocktails and cold bevvys out in your tropical garden.


Before you plant a single new plant or give your garden a prune this dry season, let's begin by addressing a few important issues in your Top End garden, don't make the biggest mistake lots of people make by ordering lots of new plants, dig the smallest of plant holes possible and then cross your fingers and hope to god they grow, because after all you paid good money for good plants so why wouldn't they grow!


Below is a short list of important gardening tips to remember when planting plants this dry season.


  • First up-have you your irrigation set up (remember it's the dry season, its going to be warm and dry)
  • Secondly-yes the soil up here is crap, and digging one plant hole is like an hours work out (so hire a hand held augur and machine drill the holes yourself ) 
  • Before your plant the plant in the plant hole, backfill the hole with some good soil (if you can add new soil to the entire garden bed then great!)
  • Fertilise your plants  (using fertilizer tablets, slow release pellets or organic manure)
  • Last but not least -Mulch around your plants! using bark chips, straw or similar
This is my first Top End gardening blog, you are very welcome to join me as I write many more gardening blogs, as I garden my way through this dry season, feel free to add any comments or tips you found helpful when gardening in the dry season. If you have any plant or gardening questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly and I will be happy to help you. ph: 0449609374 or

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