March What to do in in your Garden this Month

Friday, March 23, 2018 | Regina Downes | Comments (0)

There's always something to do in the garden, whether its pruning, weeding or planting, so we have put together a few important tasks this March to help you to stay on top of those must do jobs during this wet season.

Lawn maintenance 

Please god cut your lawn! Driving around the top end, is like driving through an urban jungle with cars and trailers barley visible in peoples driveways. For the love of god, take some pride in your home and cut your lawn!

Cutting your lawn is not only going to make your garden and home look NICE! but regular mowing of the lawn helps cut the tops of any weeds that have developed seed heads in your lawn and in turn stops the spread of weeds throughout your garden. I won't even begin to mention how amazing you will look & feel after all that exercise you will get from mowing the lawn!

Trees & Palms

Get rid of that palm pile at the end of your garden! I am sure it well and truly stinks by now and you can bet your bottom dollar there is probably some big huge ass snake hiding in the palm fronds, after making itself quite at home because the palms fronds have being sitting there for so long.

Try if you can to move your palm frond pile away from your house or even to the tip to get mulched, as leaving palm fronds pile up is making a place for unwanted visitors to live, creating a host for garden pests and fungal diseases.

Plant more Trees! With the rain still around you will get a head start before the dry season arrives!



March is the time of year to get out and keep on top of those invasive vines, that take over and choke your shrubs and trees. Stay on top of this or it will become a lot harder to remove come the dry season. Use Blackberry tree killer (get from your local hardware/landscape suppliers) on various parts of invasive vines, this will kill the entire vine and make it easier to remove)

Stay on top of your weeds, spray or and hand pull weeds whenever you can! I tend to do a big spray of weed killer then hand pull until its get out of control again! Cover any bare soil you have, either with plants or mulch, because if you don't it will be a great growing spot for weeds.
If you feel like your shrubs have grown immensely since last dry season and could do with a good prune back, I am asking you to STOP and wait! If you really really must-a light tip prune is okay (cut the soft new leaves-no woody stems!). The reason why I am asking you not to, is because any open wound can lead to and entry point for disease and infection with all this rain still about.
Plant more shrubs! With the rain still around you will get a head start before the dry season arrives!

Ground Covers

As ground covers are mostly soft leaved plants opposed to woody shrubs, it is fine to give them a little trim back now as the rain starts to lessen.

Ground covers such as Alternathea, Evolvulus, Gardenia, ipomea and russelias should all be fine with a trim back. Divide your dwarf rhoeo's now and replant back into the garden.

Pictured above-Alternathea 'Little ruby'

Pictured above; Evolvulus species







Pictured above; Russelia reggae red

The Edible Patch


Below is a list of hardy edibles that you can continue growing this time of year.
  • Lemons                                                         Mulberries white and black
  • Limes                                                            Egyptian spinach

  • Oranges                                                        Sweet Leaf
  • Paw Paw (not small seedling)                     Jackfruit
  • Bananas                                                       Egg Plant
  • Dragon Fruit                                               Pineapple
  • Loofa/Lufa                                                  Rosella
  • Barabados cherry                                       Galangal
  • Okra                                                           Mangoes
  • Starfruit                                                      Chilies
  • Tumeric                                                      Sweet potato
  • Chives                                                        Lemon grass
  • Spinach                                                      Mint





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