September-What you should be doing in your top end garden this month

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Its September, it's time to sharpen your secateurs and oil your hedge trimmers its time to get hacking, whacking and chopping in the garden!


What to do in the Garden in September

My favourite month of the year! Why you ask? Because this is the time of the year you can go nuts in the garden-pruning, hacking and chopping back all those over grown plants and before the dry comes round again, all your pruned shrubs will be looking bushy and beautiful!

And the added bonus is even if you do get a little carried away and hack off too much it nearly always grows back! the joys of living in the top end this time of the year, our plants grow while were looking at them.

As we gradually move into the build up, the humidity starts to increase, this means theirs more moisture in the air for the plants to absorb and this in turn makes the plants grow faster, yes it does mean we start to sweat a little more but hey we cant have it every way!

Get Planting those Bigger trees! Why you should Plant Trees now


Now is a great time to get new trees in the ground as this will:

  • Ensure they are well established before the wet kicks in.
  • Planting trees this time of year will give them the longest and fastest growing time.
  • If planted now most native trees will have more than doubled in size before the next dry season arrives.
  • It is important that you dig a deep enough plant hole for the tree when planting, this will aid in the tree establishing a good roots system.
  • Digging a small plant hole will result in a poor tree growth above ground (usual signs are tall thin leggy tree stems and can result in trees toppling over easily after a storm.


Grasses                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Now is a great time to cut back any native and ornamental grasses. Chop them right back usually 5-10cm from ground level. Including Chrysopogon, Lomandras, Pennisetums, Dianellas, Ophipogons and Carex grasses 

Cutting your grasses back will encourage a bushier habit and help get rid of any old dead foliage.




Shrubs  Its time to get a chopping! Have a wonder around your garden and take a good look at your shrubs, do they appear leggy? a bit straggly? in need of a hair cut? if so then this is the perfect time to get pruning!

Hedging plants-

If you want your hedge to bush up and not be leggy you need to prune it at least once a year and now is the time. Pruning your hedging plants now will result in bushier plants opposed to tall leggy plants.


Don't be Shy! Prune your plants right back to the bushier part of the plant, even if your taking off a lot. Its okay if you stuff up everything grows back so fast no ones going to know or care, so go for it! This is the perfect time to practice pruning after all.

Shrubs to cut back now (basically everything in your garden)!
  • Ixoras
  • Murrayas
  • Hibiscus
  • Radermacheras
  • Acalypha
  • Allamanda
  • Alternathea
  • Bougs
  • Crotons (tip prune)
  • Cordylines
  • Dracaenas
  • Durantas
  • Syzygiums
  • Wrightias
Natives (tip prune after flowering-Grevilleas & Callistemon)

Prune back all your shrubs-Fertilise your plants after you have pruned them. Remove any disease and dead wood from all plants


In the Veggie Patch                                                                                                                                                           As we move into September there is less and less of a range of herbs and veggies we can plant, as the humidity will start to increase next month and most leaf veggies and herbs will not survive.

By now most peoples tomatoes are starting to give up, the leaves are starting to discolour and curl, as the temps soar the tomato plants struggle more and more.

What we can start planting now;

Rosella, Basil, lemongrass, snake bean, winged bean, sweet potato and sweet leaf

Make sure you use our veggie guide Calendar on what to plant now as you are wasting your money buying herbs and veggies that will not survive through the build up and wet season. (Even tho you will see big ranges of herbs and veggies for sale in the shops don't be fooled into buying the wrong plants this time of the year.

Veggie and Herb growing Calendar for Darwin and Katherine regions



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