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  • Trees (NT Native & Tropical)

    We offer a range of Northern Territory native and tropical trees, all grown locally in Plant nursery right here in Darwin. and in full sun. From stunning native gum trees to Tropical palm trees, we stock the lot.
    (if we do not have a particular tree your require contact us and we will try and get it for you)

  • Shrubs

    Add a splash of color to your garden from our beautiful shrub and ground cover plant collection. We have lots of tropical and native shrubs all ready to be planted in your garden.
    (If we do not have a particular shrub or ground cover, contact us and we will try and get it for you)

  • Fruit and Edibles

    We have lots of mouth watering edibles available. Here in the Darwin we are very lucky to have the perfect climate to grow a range of Tropical citrus and exotic fruiting plants in the nursery and in our very own backyards!
    (If we do not stock a particular fruiting plant you require, contact us and we will find it for you)

  • Shade Loving Plants

    We stock a range of tropical shade loving plants, most can take some morning sun but require afternoon shade. From birds nest ferns to Tropical tree ferns you will be spoiled for choice with our shade loving plant range.
    (If you can't find a particular shade loving plant, contact us and we will find it)

  • Accessories

    From gardening gloves to fertilizers, our Darwin Plant Nursery stocks it all. We offer a range of specialized fertilizer including native, citrus and general fertilizer tablets. Our garden accessories are all suitable for our Top end climate. Cant find what you need? Contact us and we will be happy to help you.

  • Climbing Plants

    Our Plant Nursery has lots of beautiful climbing flowering plants, in lots of different colours. Climbers are great plants to cover an arch ways or fence lines. Our climbers will need lots of Sun to keep flowering colours.

  • Gardening Consultations

    ​Our qualified horticulturist will go to your Top End home and help you design your dream garden.

  • Gift Vouchers

    Treat yourself or someone special with this thoughtful gift voucher, the recipient will receive an email gift voucher and its code immediately once you have exited the checkout. The gift voucher can be used immediately.

  • Groundcovers /grases

    From tropical coloured ground covers to soft feathered native grasses we have them all. Here in Darwin our ground covers need to be hardy and our Plant nursery only stocks groundcovers that we know thrive here in the Territory.

  • Shade Plants

    Have a shady spot in your Top End Garden? We here have lots of tropical shade plants here in our Nursery in Darwin that thrive in shady spots. From shade loving screening Palms, groundcovers and shrubs we have a very exciting range! We have shade plants for every shady location in your garden.


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